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Introducing Deer Creek and Target Golf’s Joint Membership “Target Golf Royalty Club”


One membership to enjoy unlimited playing time on the field and at the simulators.


In the summer, enjoy Deer Creek North Course, South Course, Glen Cedars, and Salem Ridge. In the winter, golf enthusiasts can enjoy indoor practice and screen golf so you can enjoy golfing year round.


Deer Creek ( Tom Arnott, Director of Golf) and Target Golf and Fitness ( representative Terry Sim) is unveiling an integrated group membership service “Target Royalty Club” that serves to combine the Winter and Summer Golf experience into one easy package. Packages will be available from this February 3rd.


Target Golf Royalty Club


Target Royalty Club members are segmented into several levels divided into making unlimited summer rounding and winter driving range and screen golf. The package is extremely flexible and can be tailored to the golfer through custom packages (e.g. 10 Winter rounds, 15 Summer rounds).


With the integrated membership, Deer Creek and Target Golf offers golfers year-round golfing. For this reason, Deer Creek have opened a new membership sales office in Target Golf & Fitness. .


Aside from the integrated membership, Target Golf also offers separate discounted Deer Creek tickets so even if you are not a Target Royalty Club member you can enjoy the courses at a discounted price.


Target Golf Royalty Club Open House


The 2016 Target Royalty Club Open house will take place on February 3rd at 7pm at Target Golf. All that attend will receive a Deer Creek Points Card ($30 Value) as a free gift as well as offering a one day only discounted price on Target Royalty Club memberships.


Register your sopt for open house by email to


Target Golf & Fitness

91 Doncaster Ave, Thornhill



Telephone: 905-597-5051


Deer Creek Golf Club

Tom Arnott, Director of Golf

2700 Audly Rd, North, Ajax ON



Telephone: 905-427-7737 ext. 227