It has been hard for everybody with COVID19,

There are ups & downs and some might want to give up.
But we are not going to say Good bye to you guys, our
staff and employees are working hard so your next visit
with us can be a more memorable moment.

So never say Good bye, We’ll see you later!

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about
learning how to dance in the rain”

Self-Serve Indoor Golf Simulator/Driving Range


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Rates starting from $20/hr

Lowest Simulator Rates in GTA


Private Room 1,2 & 3

Weekdays: $20 ($19)

Weekends: $25 ($23.75)

Private Room 4,5,6 & 7

Weekdays: $25 ($23.75)

Weekends: $30 ($28.5)

* All prices above are subject to HST.
* 5% discount for Lifetime Members!

What you can do at TARGET Golf?

Stroke Play

18 holes of virtual golf. We offer 80 golf courses from Korea and China. Unfortunately we do not have any Canada/US courses at this time.

Driving Range

Virtual outdoor driving range. System shows your distance, launch angle, ball speed, side spin, club path, club speed, etc.

Shot Practice

Let's assume your weakest distance is 130 yards then pick a fairway spot 130 yards from the green. System allows you to shot to the green over and over again.

How to find us


Went here with my GF who is just getting in to golf. They have private rooms which was great for some low pressure practice. Very friendly staff and affordable pricing.

Andy Stewart

Great place to get your swing going. The staff are remarkably welcoming and nice. Go try it out.

Ismail Seif allah

Great spot, great service, always available and most of all, the simulator technology is on point. The only feedback i'd give is if the simulator offers an auto-putt feature like the GCQuad or GCHawk.... but otherwise Target golf is my go to for all winter based practice

Daniel Dvorkin

Made plans to go to the golf dome with my brother and decided to bring him here instead. Was not disappointed. The system uses Korean software which was interesting as I have only had experience with the major hardware such as trackman, flightscope, and HD golf. The system had issues reading very fast ball speeds, but still managed to be fair and the scorecard reflected that fairness. Price was VERY reasonable and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. We were offered coffee and drinks free of charge as well which was very nice. If you are looking to hit some golf balls in a private room with friends this is an excellent place to go, just don't expect trackman data from these machines.

Nasty Nate

Great golf simulator! Very friendly staff and spacious private rooms are great for practice and play!

Kelvin Lin

Originally we were having issues as left handed golfers (my group) with their sensors. They said they would fix the sensors and call us to come back for free or refund our money if they could not fix it. Owner has contacted and are returning for a second try. Overall they were friendly and did great accommodating us and not should have a system to work well for both left and right handed golfers. Good facility

Nick DiCeasare